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Privacy policy

Listed below is’s full privacy policy. Though the essential elements of’s privacy statement will be static, it is advised that all users scrupulously study our privacy policy’s details every now and then because they can change without any prior warning.

Collected User Information

The only information that is ever collected on our clients is used for quality control purposes. It is our goal to continuously improve our website’s content and quality to better assist all our customers. Note, however, that no third parties are even given any personal or payment information that is entrusted to us by our clients.

Furthermore, the webserver on only collects data such as browser type, IP address, access times, and operating system type. This information is gathered for statistical purposes. Cookies are additionally used on occasion to customize content for you on our website.


By cookies, we refer to certain text files that are used to identify a computer to a server. These are only used to classify the computer though never to nominally reveal any individual user. only uses the cookies to collect web traffic information and to learn more about how to improve our future services. These cookies are a reliable system of measurement for determining how long a user remains on our website’s pages. However, it is always possible to get notifications when the cookies are used and users may switch off cookies. But with the cookies turned off, our website’s individualized elements may not work correctly.

Use of Optional Information

It is required for users to provide personal information such as name, email address, or contact info, on certain pages on But we would like to further specify that any given personal information provided by our users is never released to third parties at any time. This information is only requested to improve communication between our clients and our company while they need to submit or receive orders. Any given demographic details are only used for company marketing research purposes.

If at any time you contact us via email in order to give your feedback, request any specific service, or any additional details concerning our services, your provided personal information (your email address) is the mode of contact. However, we would like to stress once again that any personal information that you give us is at no time given, shared, or sold to any companies or outside sources except in the case you personally disclose this information while chatting with other users.

Privacy Policy Changes in the Future

It is possible that our privacy policy and terms and conditions can be changed in the future. Should this happen, however, we are not required to contact you about these changes. It is the client’s responsibility and not’s to occasionally re-examine the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Clients are, therefore, encouraged to continuously re-read’s privacy policy should any changes be made that can affect their interactions with us.

Our Website’s Security

Regular security checks are performed on our website in addition to our secure systems that ensure that all clients’ payments and personal data is always kept protected, private, and only seen by our company. For your safety, log out of your accounts when you are using any device that other people can use, like at a library or an internet café, to ensure that all your data will remain protected and safe.

Links Disclaimer

All links that are posted on our website are given based on the customer’s current location. These links can include but are not limited to local, state, federal, among other online and offline organizations. However, while these links appear on our webpage, their products, content, services, views, opinions, accessibilities, or policies are never implicitly or explicitly endorsed by our website. If you choose to follow the link and get redirected from, we are in no way responsible for the website’s written privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Forbidden Disclosures

The commissioner is exclusively responsible for the information usage from both employers and employees in regards to this privacy policy. This website’s information is not available publically and is not admissible in any court of law should any action, legal or otherwise, arise except in the case that the commissioner is directly reprehensible for the action that the other party claims. Benefit claims are determined and given to affected parties only at the commissioner’s discretion. Additionally, it is legally possible to pursue any party absconding on any payment.

It is important not to give out any personal or payment information while chatting with other users while you are logged into your profile for security purposes.

Company Information Access can always make what personal information is kept by us available to the client on request. Furthermore, it is possible to request that any mistakes in contact information be corrected. Any such requests cost $35 to fulfill. After receiving such a request, the client will be provided any and all personal information that we, on, have on you that is within the Data Protection Act 1998. Such requests can be made by contacting our 24/7 customer support team.