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Any use of our website and our services connotes an unspoken agreement to abide by all the following Terms and Conditions. If you should not agree with any one of our presented Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using our website’s services.

Using is only for customers of legal age. Any inappropriate use is explicitly forbidden.

After placing any order on our website, you have acknowledged to have read through, comprehended, and completely agreed with every one of our Terms and Conditions. The submission of an order or monetary payment tacitly confirms that you are now bound by the law to submit and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Definition of Terms

In these Terms and Conditions:

"Website" means

"Consumer," "Customer," "You," and "Yours" is referring to anyone who submits, bids, completes an order, uploads information, and transfers payments on our website.

"Company," "We," or "Our" means, a company that is registered under US law.

"Product" means any original website content, product description, SEO content, sales copywriting, blog posts, articles, newsletters, press-releases and/or any of our other content and copywriting services for our Consumers as per their exact instructions.

"Order" means the submitted written order in electronic form on our online website by the Consumer. This includes the complete work in addition to the Consumer’s requirements.

Our Services at exists as a freelance platform that our Customers can use to locate each other, communicate, place and complete orders, coordinate, and transfer monetary payments. Each Consumer bears all risks, which is why we advise our Consumers to check performance rates that are available in Consumers’ profiles before reaching any agreements, assigning any Consumer, and/or releasing any payments. reserves the right to close a Consumer’s account access whenever there is a breach of conduct or when we find it prudent to do so. This is especially so if at any time the Consumer shared any personal information or contacts with other Consumers, was abusive, spammed, or infringed upon our Terms and Conditions in any form.

Additionally, any written work commissioned by our Consumers is non-refundable and does not carry any tacit warranty guarantee.

If you the Consumer should require any additional detailed information concerning our services, please feel free to visit our FAQ page. It is required to completely understand our complete Terms and Conditions and to read our FAQ page before ever submitting an order or monetary payment for any of our content writing services.

Personal Use and Copyright

Every product that is produced and delivered on our freelance board by our company or our freelance content writers is completely and entirely original. Therefore, if at any time you have come to believe that your commissioned work has been plagiarized or taken from any outside source, please alert our customer support immediately. It is’s policy to act on all plagiarism and copyright infringement allegations.

No Refunds

Once the Consumer has gone past the acceptable revision period, any Product from our company is entirely non-refundable and not covered by any explicitly or implicitly stated warranties. After the order is complete and the Consumer accepts it, no refunds can or will be made available. Only in certain rare extenuating circumstances will the company provide a refund but this is entirely at our discretion. Therefore, it is important to carefully read through the FAQ page on to understand completely our money-back guarantee, discounts, and bonus programs.

After you have released payment to a Consumer, you have agreed and confirmed that you have read through the completed work, accepted it, and cannot make any further claims to in regards to it. If you have submitted 100% of the payment, it is impossible to request any further corrections, communication, or uploads with the Consumer in regards to that particular order. This is why it is highly encouraged to check the completed work before releasing any final payment to the Consumer for any particular order.

No Plagiarism

Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and have submitted your order, it must be acknowledged that we, the company, reserve the right to nullify any previous contract, agreement, or arrangement, with a Consumer who submits or attempts to submit any plagiarized products as originals. If at any point the company suspects any plagiarism in delivered products from the Consumer, they will be automatically disqualified from any further collaboration with the company in any of our services and works.

Links Disclaimer

Though may incorporate other websites’ links, this does not imply, state, or approve of the other website’s materials in any way. It also does not guarantee that these links’ content is in agreement with our Terms and Conditions on Consequently, does not claim to own nor is responsible for, control, or contribute to any of the posted links’ content on our website. You are at your own risk while visiting these links, which is mentioned in the user agreement form submitted with any Consumer’s order form.

Privacy and Security

The Privacy Statement that is posted on is to be referenced or referred to for more exact information concerning our policies and practices related to the storage, collection, and use of all online guests’ information. To be more informed about the security of your personal information while you use this website, please refer to the Privacy Policy webpage.